Monday, November 17, 2008

And seeing there is some about a sample setlist... looks as though this idea is starting to get a little in the way of thought. At least as far as the lineup is concerned and whatever oversights that did occur were explained. With that behind so to about an idea about what a sample playlist COULD [and I stress this...COULD] look like:

Carpet of the Sun
Mr. Pine/Running Hard [which are basically the same piece and can be combined so fans understand the root of 'Running Hard']
Deja Vu

[these first 4 will introduce the crowd to all 2.5 generations of the bands material and sets the stage for the next 12. If one thinks about it in this context, it would be 4 each from Jane, Annie and Stephanie]


Beautiful Country
Face of Yesterday
Everywhere You Go
Man Of Miracles


At the Harbour
I Think of You
Ocean Gypsy
The Captive Heart


The Other Woman
So Blase
Lock In On Love
May You Be Blessed

[Now the above shows a sample of the range of material from each era. The fans are shown the emotional and lyrical depth of each woman who is associated with the band...and this now brings about the main event, the classic Ren material done by all three, with the bandmembers mentioned in the last post]

Can You Understand [Full Version]
The Vultures Fly High
Can You Hear Me
Northern Lights
Mother Russia
Lady From Tuscany
Pearls of Wisdom
Trip to the Fair
A Song For All Seasons

And now the Denoument...the encore:

Ashes Are Burning [with multiple solos!!!]

With all of this said, please keep in mind that this is would could be. It is one heck of an idea, which would entice and the fans of all generations would be happy. Of course the standard disclaimer would apply as in 'lineup subject to change'...

BY the by to borrow a sports analogy here....if this sounds strange consider what happened when the city fathers in Pontiac, Michigan had a campaign to get the Super Bowl to be played at Pontiac Metropolitan Stadium - AKA the Silverdome, they went on a very strong, calculated campaign to get the game. And lo and behold, they did....granted if you know of the ballpark and the Detroit Lions, you know that they have since moved to downtown Detroit and Ford Field while the Silverdome has been sold and may be razed. The point being that, a well organized campaign among the fans can yield some type of result, even if it is a scaled back reunion.

Worth considering for a while....

And that is the news, sports and weather for now!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

If Yes can do a 'Union' Tour, Renaissance can do same ...

Welcome back True Believers!!

If you have been reading the posts in two of the Yahoo groups dedicated to Renaissance fans, the odds are you have seen an idea being floated for a reunion tour of either the classic Ren lineup or a reformed one with a new vocalist. The idea is a good one, in fact one has to wonder...egos to the contrary...why this has not been done. Outside of 3 of the classic lineup [Annie, Mickey and Terry] playing on the Tuscany Tour and discussions [as mentioned on Terry Sullivan's site] about him, Jon Camp and John Tout playing in a revamped version but those talks have garnered little in the way of an announcement of the band hitting the stage.

With the above mentioned, here is a concept that could possibly...and I use the word cautiously....possibly work. This would be the Yes 'Union' approach which brought several generations of Yes together for what was a commercially successful tour. If one were to take into account that this meant multiple guitarists, keyboadists, percussion behind Jon Anderson. the fact that this came off at all is amazing. And if these folks can do it, Renaissance can do same and here is a way it could happen:


Annie Haslam
Jane Relf
Stephanie Adlington


Mickey Dunford
John Knightsbridge


Jon Camp
David Keyes
Louis Cennamo


John Tout
Mick Taylor
Mickey Simmonds
Rave Tesar


Terry Sullivan
Gavin Harrison

If You are wondering how and why the above makes is the breakdown:

In the vocals, we not only have Annie'5 octave range but also the mellow Jane Refl as well as the emotional Stephanie Adlington. Considering the depth of the material that Renaissance is known for and has this mixture will showcase the overall balance of same. Guitars is a no brainer in that Mickey and John are from both sides of the house so to speak, as well as trade solos. Bass....three different styles but this works with the various different material. Yes Jon Camp does play it as a lead...however on some songs the blending of David and Louis can add a richer bottom to the songs [not to forget here one hell of a set of solos on 'Ashes are Burning']. Keyboards...this is a no brainer: John Tout knows the classic songs inside and out [seeing he was the original keyboardist] as do Mick, Mickey and Rave...however as can be heard on the Beacon Theatre show, as well as on Tuscany and the resultant live album Mickey Simmonds and Rave Tesar can add fill in ably the orchestral flourishes that Ren is known for [I should mention that it is possible that if none of those folks are available, John Hawken who was part of the Illusion lineup can come in as well...see previous reviews here as to why]. As for drums....Terry and Gavin are the ones that can handle the demands of such a concert.

Seeing there is more than enough material for the fans to enjoy, the above lineup if everyone were to work as Yes did would prove to be a joy for the fans. And this would not necessarily be a commercial venture per se [if anyone who has that type of bend, yes it could be made into one...but let's not get greedy here :)], but it would show that there is still some interest in this band, all of its generations, incarnations [well maybe excluding the 'Time-Line' material] and songs that have made this band one that still has a loyal base to this day.