Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just another blog about music...well not exactly

Hello True Believers!!!

Before it is said 'what another blog about music?' let me explain. This one is going to be dedicated to reviewing some older songs, albums, live concert discs dealing with one of the more missunderstood forms of rock music, that being classically influenced rock.

What exactly is classically influenced rock you may ask? Well this is rock music that uitilizes the construction and form much like the classical pieces many of us grew up with. Bach, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Debussy, Chopin, Copland, etc are some of the influences given a new look and flair by adding this to the form of rock music. Throw in some jazz figures [think Parker, Brubeck, Bill Evans] a symphonic or philharmonic orchestra and you have what classical rock is. Not the illegitimate child of this mixture, more of a logical extension.

For the most part you will see here postings about some of my favorite bands who were and are the masters of this form. Renaissance, The Moody Blues, ELP, The Alan Parsons Project, Yes and others. And of course everyone who sees this is more than welcome to chime in and post their views as well. After all...many folks out there have albums by these bands in their collections.

So with the Prologue done, let's make this A Song For All Seasons, even if we publish Novellas about a Turn Of The Cards.

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